“It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.”
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

We get hunger and we know busy. We love simplicity and we give a large damn about taste.

We know you’d rather be relaxing than preparing your week’s meals.

We get that eating well isn’t just for gym junkies and athletes, & we know that you can eat nutritious food that tastes yum.

We think it’s good to care about what’s in your food.

& for those wondering, SMÄK is translated from the Swedish word taste, our favourite thing. Check it out here.

We understand that some ingredients can sound like a foreign language,

So we only recruit people who speak nutrition. Want in?

It’s all part of the vision of our founders, two guys who saw a need for a better option,

& set out to create a feel-good space with easy, delicious + healthy meals.

We know that creating healthy, portion controlled meals that taste like Christmas is no mean feat, so we called in some Big Guns.

Perhaps most importantly, we don’t care about what’s cool or what the next ‘superfood‘ will be.

We care about what we feed our bodies, whatever size they are.

So, what do you feel like for dinner?